Inovative Global Sourcing Specialist for 28 years

SHEEHAN INTERNATIONAL EXCELS in making offshore  buying a reliable and cost-saving way to do business. Providing a full range of customizable products to meet your needs, Sheehan International takes care of dealing with factories in Asia, enabling you to reduce manufacturing costs and increase profits.           

The Sheehan International Team is a dynamic group of associates around the world whose years of experience have translated into expertise and excellence in global sourcing. Based in Newburgh, NY, distinguished personnel will walk you through the design, production, and delivery phases of your order.  

Sheehan International carefully monitors its manufacturers to ensure the highest-quality service possible. To guarantee customer satisfaction, Sheehan International prides itself on providing exceptional engineering support to its customers and accurately working clients’ needs and ideas into product design. Additionally, Sheehan International has developed a transportation system that ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of your order.                   

In the end, Sheehan International has proven itself unique from competitors in customer satisfaction with high-quality, competitively priced products and exceptional service.  

SHEEHAN INTERNATIONAL,  95 Ann Street,  Newburgh NY 12550
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