Inovative Global Sourcing Specialist for 28 years

Sheehan International has a simple formula for success.


                                    Superior Service

         +                          Quality Control
         +              Transportation Network

         +                    Engineering Support

        =Sheehan International SUCCESS


Our success is only a result of customer satisfaction, which has been for over two decades and remains, our number one priority.


Superior Service

Sheehan International is designed to make offshore buying a cost-saving, reliable way to do business. Sheehan International will provide a full range of products and enable you to capitalize on the cost savings associated with buying directly from factories in Asia.


Quality Control

It is our commitment to provide a value added service, which ensures the highest quality level. Our quality program begins with the selection of qualified and quality-conscious manufacturers—a spirit that continues through every phase of production and delivery.


Transportation Network

After many years of successful international business, Sheehan International has developed an outstanding team of freight forwarders and customs brokers. We closely monitor the production and ship schedules, allowing us to ensure that your product will be delivered on time and at the lowest rates available.


The Newburgh location is ideal for fast delivery to customers. Besides being minutes away from Stewart International Airport, Sheehan International is just 60 miles from New York and New Jersey Ocean terminals and major New York airports. Sheehan International is also capable of shipping on major North-South / East-West truck routes and is in close proximity to major trucking company hubs.


Engineering Support

We provide expert engineering support to our customers as we fully realize that the customer’s thoughts must be conveyed to the manufacturers both accurately and on a timely basis.




Consistent Excellence at Sheehan International.


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