Inovative Global Sourcing Specialist for 28 years

Why  Sheehan International

Your company’s partnership with Sheehan International, an experienced global buyer, will provide you with the offshore business solution to meet your manufacturing needs. An adaptive and innovative group, Sheehan International prides itself on cost-effectivity, quality, and outstanding service. Companies of all sizes avoid the startup costs and disorientation associated with doing international business by counting on Sheehan International to manage the design, production, and delivery of their goods. As an American-based company, Sheehan International can effectively communicate to you and its sophisticated network of contacts abroad without bureaucratic or cultural barriers.


In recent years, the global economy has changed drastically as more companies are reaching out to nations like China to fulfill their manufacturing needs to increase their returns in the market. In theory, operational costs are reduced and quality is maintained. However, the apparent benefits of doing business abroad are coupled with dangerous risks.


Sheehan International has a proven track record of providing excellent service for its customers and increasing profits. We pledge total allegiance to represent you, the customer, and not the factory.




“Our policy is to strive for the excellence that our global customers expect and deserve.” 

-Dan Sheehan, President & CEO

Sheehan International demands only the highest levels of performance from its suppliers in terms of quality, cost and delivery schedules. We measure this performance and provide crucial support to our partners for optimization of our operation at each stage of the supply chain.


At the center of our policy lie the following features:


·       A structural organization that maintains intense dialogue with customers, suppliers, freight carriers, and internal associates.

·       Quality experts at every operational level, from executive management to factories.

·       Procedures that are clear and transparent, based on years of experience.

·       Ultimate priority given to customer satisfaction and improved efficiency of client manufacturing needs.





  • Sheehan International currently has business relationships with partners in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Pakistan, India, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere in the world.


  • Sheehan International customers typically earn a savings of about 30 – 35% on manufacturing costs.


  • Sheehan International completes more than 500 customs entries per year.


  • The executive team at Sheehan International has over 31 years of contract experience in Asia.


  • Sheehan International has business partnerships with major American private manufacturing companies.


  • All factory partners of Sheehan International are ISO 9001:2000 certified.


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